About Me

Hi! My name is Maria. 

When I was 20 years old (2011), I contracted Lyme Disease and my life was forever changed. Beginning with uncharacteristic massive anxiety attacks, my health began to decline. It wasn't until almost a year after I was bitten that I was tested and treated. Several years following, I wondered, perplexed, why my health continued to decline. Tired of living about 80% of this time weak, in bed, I finally had enough and began to do my own research. If I had not developed this resolve, I cannot say if I would or would not be here today.

Through excessive research, I was able to 'put my Lyme Disease to bed' and find an integrative doctor who understands and treats my health issues in the most effective way. The Lyme Disease instigated a cascade of many other health issues for me such as my MTHFR gene mutation (which was preventing my body from properly methylating/detoxing from the disease), Adrenal Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances, and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

As my body became more burdened by toxins that it was unable to expel, I became sensitive to non-organic foods, gluten, sugar and chemicals in personal care products. This inspired my love for organic foods and products and it is my hope to share this love and my own personal experiences with people who share similar health issues and those striving to live an organic, non-toxic lifestyle through my blogs and video content!