About Me

Hi! 😊 I’m Maria, creator of The Shrewd Fox. I’ve had years of experience in trial and error of how to live a healthy, organic lifestyle. 🍎💪In my case, struggling with Lyme and autoimmune diseases for 6 years gave me the drive to seek out cutting edge, natural methods to regain my life back.
This blog was created out of a desire to help educate people on a similar journey and to share knowledge but, most especially, to introduce users of conventional cosmetic and skincare products to highly effective, organic, and natural alternatives. 🌿💄 I wish I had known the havoc that conventional cosmetic, skin, and personal care products were wreaking on my health at the beginning of my journey to recovery. ☠️😭 This is what inspired me to start creating content about healthy, organic living for others. 🙆
I invite you to join me on this journey to help cultivate healthy habits that will ultimately contribute to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle! 🌷