About Me

Hi! My name is Maria. 

When I was 20 years old (2011), I contracted Lyme Disease and my life was forever changed. Beginning with uncharacteristic massive anxiety attacks, my health began to decline. It wasn't until almost a year after I was bitten that I was tested and treated. Several years following, I wondered, perplexed, why my health continued to decline. 

I've suffered for years with methylation issues, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, chronic infections, leaky gut and more.

The more my body became burdened by multiplying health issues, the more I became sensitive to non-organic foods, gluten, sugar, chemicals and additives in personal care products. This inspired my lifestyle conversion and my love for organic foods and products and it is my hope to share this love through my blogs and video content!

My journey towards better health continues and I have confidence that, at the end of this journey, I will not waste what I have learned along the way and I look forward to supporting others in their pursuit of a clean, healthy, organic lifestyle.