Innersense Beauty: Organic Hair Care

Looking for a truly clean hair care line? Look no further than Innersense Beauty ! Their products were formulated with a clean conscien...

Looking for a truly clean hair care line? Look no further than Innersense Beauty! Their products were formulated with a clean conscience in mind. 🌱 None of their products include nasty chemicals like parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, fragrances, phalates, etc. In fact, those (and more harmful ingredients) are listed on their "Ingredients We Never Use" list! 😷

Their products are full of organic ingredients and oils that nourish hair, protect color and bring natural curls to life! 💇 My personal favorites are the Color Awakening Shampoo and Color Radiance Conditioner (perfect for my balayage/ombre) (they smell heavenly! full of beautiful essential oils 🍊🌷🌸). I am also a firm believer in their Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner (detangles and hydrates hair in a snap!), I Create Volume (va va voom serious volume!), and their Harmonic Healing Oil to heal dry ends and bring a healthy sheen after styling! 

I love that this brand is so clean and dedicated to non toxic ingredients that I can also use their products on my 3 year old without a second thought 👶 (can't say that about most mainstream brands today, especially ones created for little ones can contain the most horrible ingredients that certainly do NOT belong on children 😞) . My little girl also has seriously curly hair and, if it doesn't get the right treatment, it can all frizz up into a dry little nest on her head. Ever since I started using the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner and the Quiet Calm Curl Control Cream, her hair has never been so beautiful and hydrated. Her curls are also lovely and defined! 👌

So, if you're looking for a high quality, organic, hair care brand dedicated to clean beauty, give Innersense a try! I'm sure you won't regret it! I most certainly didn't! 

Until next time, stay shrewd, Foxies! 🦊

Skin Deep Hazard Scores:

Skin Deep Hazard Score: 2 (Harmonic Healing Oil)
Skin Deep Hazard Score: 2 (Color Awakening Hairbath Shampoo)
Skin Deep Hazard Score: 2 (Color Radiance Daily Conditioner)
Skin Deep Hazard Score: 1 (I Create Volume Lotion)
Skin Deep Hazard Score: 2 (Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner)
Skin Deep Hazard Score: 1 (Quiet Calm Curl Control) (Not Pictured)

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